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Welcome to Pediatric Consultants

Our pediatricians at Pediatric Consultants sincerely care about the well-being of your child. We believe that access and continuity are the cornerstones of quality healthcare, and we work hard to make significant improvement in these areas. We promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your children. We care about connecting with you to provide the best care possible for your children.

We're Always Here for Kids 

Although COVID-19 is changing the way we conduct health care, we are always here for the children who need us. Here are a few ways that we are implementing new policies and procedures for the protection of children. 

Masks and Social Distancing 

All patients, visitors and employees receive a mask to wear during the duration of their visit. Social distance reminders are present throughout the facilities.

Video Appointment Options

To prevent unnecessary exposure, video appointment options are available. This includes medication follow-ups and non-emergent visits. Our practice remains open for those in need of an in-person visit.

Disinfecting and Cleaning

High-touch areas in common spaces are disinfected every four hours using EPA-approved disinfectant, and exam rooms are cleaned after each patient. Patients and employees have liberal access to hand sanitizer.

Visitor Screening 

We have implemented a new screening process at our practice. Be sure to ask what it is when you call to make your appointment.


Quality Pediatric Care.

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